Don’t Be Scared. Just Use These Tricks to Play Cash Rummy Better

Don’t Be Scared. Just Use These Tricks to Play Cash Rummy Better

A lot of people have grown up playing the card game rummy because it’s one of those games that children can pick up fast and yet adults who have been playing for years, too, can take years to master. Rummy is especially popular as a family card game during gatherings, festivals and get-togethers. But, in this age, life has become about hurrying, from this place to that, then back again, on repeat, over and over. When people are busy hurrying, who has time for proper game setting, deck shuffling and family gatherings anymore?

These days there are many online websites and smartphone apps through which one can play online, both free and cash rummy. Hence, even though physically playing rummy might be getting more and more difficult, there is no reason to let go of one’s love for the game. Through these websites and apps, one can easily play a quick game wherever they want and even win some extra money with the cash rummy option.

Many get scared at the prospect of playing cash rummy online but it is all quite easy and runs smoothly. One just needs to download a rummy app from the app store and go through a simple sign-in process, after which they can start playing on their smartphones. Alternatively, such games can also be accessed through websites, followed by a simple sign-up procedure that allows one to get into the game.

Some tips and tricks to play cash rummy better:

  • Practice:

Before getting into the world of cash rummy, it is important to practice free games often. Even though rummy is a fairly easy game to learn, it needs thorough polishing of skills, over and over again. So, one should play free games till they gain a fair bit of confidence, concentration power and pattern-detection skills, all of which are very important for playing cash rummy.

  • Strategize:

In a game of rummy, it is very important to strategize. There is no point getting into a cash rummy game without some basic strategies. For example, it is best to toss a card taken from the ‘Closed Deck’ into the ‘Open Deck’, unless it gets into a pattern with the cards already at hand. It is not advantageous to keep a card and increase the number of pattern-less cards, hoping for a future sequence to emerge.

  • Use Wild Card Joker:

A Wild Card Joker is a card, selected at the beginning of a standard game of rummy. The number of this card in every suit then becomes a Wild Card Joker and may be used as replacement for any other card in a meld, thus creating Impure Sequences and sets with Wild Card Joker. There is a tendency amongst new players to wait for pure sequences and sets to emerge instead of using Wild Card Jokers to finish the pattern. This hardly pays off and instead, costs the player precious turns in a game that is won by finishing the cards at hand within the least amount of turns. Therefore, it is important to be able to detect where one can use a Wild Card Joker, if there is one available, to finish the pattern.


What a game of rummy truly needs is patience and passion. With these two in a player’s pocket, they are bound to win big, whether in free matches or in cash rummy.

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